The Ravens Sun. SOLD

Mukwela, Moon Design. SOLD

Killer Whale. SOLD

Wolf, Bear & Moon Design - Glow in the Dark Drum. SOLD

Salmon Drum Design. SOLD

Eagle Thunderbird Drum Design. SOLD

Hold Your Head Up High: Eagle Design. 10" wide x 14" high

Left: Klisela, Sun Design. Right: Mukwela, Moon design. 10" x 10" painted wooden mirrors.

Bear Paw with Bear. Wood Burning. 8" wide x 11" high. SOLD

Paddle with Whale Design. 5" wide x 35" high. SOLD

Left. "To Adam" Salmon Design. Right "Frog-gotten" Design. SOLD

Left: "Never Lost" Eagle Design. Right: "True Color of Flight" Humming Bird Design. SOLD

"Rising Through" Thunder Bird Design. SOLD

Cover for Lelou's Journey Wolf Design. SOLD

Left: "The Raven Sun." Right: "Enlighten to the Depth" Killer Whale Design. SOLD

Left: "Combined Spirits" Human Design. Right: "Spirits Combine" Wolf Design. SOLD

Left: "The Totem" Eagle & Bear Totem Design. Right: "Our Children, Our Culture" Eagle Design. SOLD

Left: "Calling the Owl." Right: "Happy Graduation" Eagle, Killer Whale & Bear Paws Design. SOLD

All of the artist’s original artwork unless otherwise marked SOLD are for sale. Signed, limited edition prints are also available. Please contact Christine for more information.

If you are interested in a certain art piece, contact Christine for individual costs or a private consultation on a customized piece.

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cell: 604.240.3662

Christine Anne Mackenzie

Christine MacKenzie is a First Nations artist who was born in Kelowna, B.C. Her mother is a descendant of Kwakuitl royalty. Christine is of the Killer Whale and Eagle Clans. She grew up in south western British Columbia, in the Coast Salish traditional territories (Richmond). Christine finds inspiration in the natural world, seeing beauty in nature's creations. The movement of trees' branches and the beauty of their leaves and bark are seen by Christine as multifaceted inspiration.

Growing up, Christine was always creatively inclined but it has only been in these past few years that she has hit her artistic stride. Part of that focus was her invitation to participate in a First Nations Art Exhibit in Deep Cove. In a rather short time, she produced over twenty original art pieces. This was the impetus to become a full time First Nations Artist. Her desire to explore her roots has helped her to grow and mature as a creative person.

Even though Christine is self-taught, her creativity and style are unique. She loves to work with pencil crayon, acrylics, and charcoal however she has been exploring other mediums and continues to grow as an artist. The fact that the Kwakuitl First Nation has been slowly diminishing has been a driving force in Christine's desire to capture aspects of the culture before it disappears.

Her ties to the First Nations community keeps her fully occupied as she tours the province promoting native art through workshops, dramatic on-stage re-enactments and daycamps. She revels at teaching young children how to draw and paint.

She is currently involved with several organizations like Yuklaanas, Kloshe'nem and Learning Through the Arts. She is deeply grateful to Anastasia Hendry and Lori Sherritt-Fleming who have mentored and helped her to become the artist that she is today. She also credits her parents Bill and Liz for encouraging her creative aspirations and exposing her to native art her entire life. It has made a deep impression with her as a lifelong dream has finally become a rewarding reality.